So nice to see all the green again…

I haven’t posted anything here for awhile; I’ve been busy outside, like many people, starting projects around the house, getting my gardens planted and tended, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We just got some much-needed rain last evening, and this morning the flowers are so relieved, they are finally opening up. It was lovely out, with a breeze and still a bit cloudy, as if more rain is on the way. I wouldn’t really mind; neither, I think, would the earth.

But still, this poem came to me this morning instead. It just goes to show that, in the middle of all the beauty and promise so present in the world, there is always room for a human heart to only think of sadness.


Up and down,
With a center
Rooted firmly
In the ground,
You and I rise
And fall;
Coming together
All over again.

I am weary
Of this ride,
Fighting against
A turning tide;
You seem content
To carry on
Slipping, sliding
Into forever.

So I say; still
I must, one day,
Plant my feet,
Refuse to play,
Let you fall;
Only then
Can I rise up,
And walk away.