Few people in my life ever knew that I wrote poetry. I would just quietly fill notebooks up with my little verbal snapshots, hiding them away. So putting my poems online for other people to read is a bit nerve-wracking, like speaking in public or going out on a blind date. (Gosh, what do I wear?!) Here is one I think a lot of people might be able to relate to and understand, at least if you are more the domestic type:

Made My Bed

Every morning I make up the bed,
Press down the rumpled pleats,
Fluff my pillows in their cases
And tidy up the tangled sheets.

I wish it were such simple a task
To straighten up my life –
Tuck in heartbreak, pull up sadness,
Cover over pain and strife.

Some choices lay like linen sheets
Whose creases will never come out,
No matter how much I tug or iron,
Or try to smooth them down.

Nagging small reminders,
They are marks I would rather forget;
But there is no avoiding struggle
Once the wrinkles are set.

So I learn to live with consequences,
Make peace with all the mess,
Resolving to try with each new day
To leave one wrinkle less.

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