Expanding My Horizons

My dog Hannah loves winter a lot more than I do!
My dog Hannah loves winter a lot more than I do!

Today I woke up and was so glad to see the sun finally shining again. It’s been a long winter here in the Northeast, and like a lot of other people, I get seasonal depression. SAD as they call it, is a very apt description. Most of the time I wish I could just hibernate, and wake up in the green and growing spring like black bears do. One of the worst parts about having seasonal depression is that saps my creativity, my desire to write, or paint, or go out and take photos. Just the thought of being out in the frigid air, stomping through two feet of icy snow is enough to curb my enthusiasm. So instead I tend to sit by the fire at home cuddling with the pups, read or watch movies, and wait for the long, dark winter to pass. It’s my own very human form of hibernation.

But with the coming of spring and the birds starting to sing again, I feel my energy waking up again. I decided to start keeping this blog to create a place where I can share my artwork, writing, poems, and other creative projects – a place, too, where I can go back and look at the work I’ve done the next time old man winter rolls around and puts me in the dumps. In between shoveling and snowblowing sessions, it will be a joy for me to say yes, when the weather is warm and the sun shows it’s face again, I will be back and ready to work again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…

So I am celebrating this spring by expanding my horizons, as I titled this post, and putting myself and my work out into the world, which I have never really done before. It will take me some time, but I have years worth of poetry, photographs, and short stories to share, along with my many forays into home remodeling and mini-farming. And somehow I hope to throw in some of my nursing and healthcare stories, because it’s been such a huge part of my life.

How will all this turn out? I guess I will just have to wait and see. But in the meantime, welcome spring, I’m here to meet you and so very glad you’re back.